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Manufacture of Doors & Plywood is largest timber door manufacturer, Sri Nanjundeshwara Timbers has taken its famous brand around the Bengaluru, securing an Standard reputation for quality, innovation and designs. Sri Nanjundeshwara Timbers is a part of the Durga Group family, the largest supplier of timber doors and windows. Established in 2000, Sri Nanjundeshwara Timbers manufacturer has Started manufacturing facilities in the year 2015 in mainland of Benaluru. We has a diversified organization from wood industry engaged in manufacturing of doors, under the brand name Sri Nanjundeshwara Timbers We are leading provider of high quality Teak Doors, Veneer Doors, Laminate Doors, Resin Coated Doors, Membrane Doors, Primer Doors, WPC Doors & Flush Doors. Sri Nanjundeshwara Timbers are mark of craftmanship and quality. Right form the design to finish. All Doors are put under standard test conditions & are manufactured with stringent quality parameters. We at Sri Nanjundeshwara Timbers create an entrance way that truly reflects your personality & doors that will last long. Our doors compliment your home interiors and exteriors, to create the ultimate first & best impression.

What We Do

We are into manufacturing and trading of all types of doors and timbers, you name it & we have it! Our product range includes Home Furnishing Doors of different types and variants i.e., Plywood, Blockboard, African Teak Doors, Flush Doors, OST/BST Decorative doors, Veneer Groove Doors, Micro Coated Laminated Doors, CP Laminate Doors, Membrane Doors, Molded Panel/HDF Primer Doors, WPC Doors, Frames, and many others.


Teak Wood Doors are made from the timber obtained from a tree called Tectona Grandis easily available in …


Membrane doors are factory-made by having Flush Doors and Moulded skin Doors and pasting it with imported …


We offer a variety of Laminated Doors which are known for its innovative styles, great colors and neat finish. Additionally, these Laminated Doors …


Honne wood is midst the best wood that used to produce fine wood applications. This range of Honne – Australian Honne wood is heavier than the Teak wood. . .

Sal Wood Door

Neem Wood Door

Mahogany Wood Door

Advantages of wood doors

Wood doors can come in a range of styles, including traditional, contemporary, rustic, and antique, and can be customized to fit a variety of different architectural and design styles. They can be used for interior or exterior purposes, and can be painted or stained to match the surrounding decor.
Some of the advantages of wood doors include their natural beauty, ability to be refinished or repainted, and insulation properties. They also offer a sense of warmth and character to a home or building. However, wood doors can require regular maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best, and may be more susceptible to warping, cracking, or rotting in certain environments.

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